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I specialize in supporting Fintech, Banking, and Asset Management with expertise in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and AI. With a sharp eye for identifying trends and patterns, I deliver actionable insights that drive business growth. My extensive experience as a market researcher spans both in-house and alternative data sources, enabling me to develop models that elevate business performance.

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Projects Completed

Machine Learning Data Science

Statistical Analysis Data Science

Quantitative Modeling Data Science

Predictive Modeling Data Science

Python, PySpark Programming

SQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB Programming

Git, AWS, APIs, Docker Programming

Tableau, PowerBI, Looker Programming

My Qualifications

2013 - 2016

Imperial College London

Bachelors of Science in Mathematics

Specialization in Probability and Statistics

2017 - 2018

Georgia Institute of Technology

Master of Science in Computer Science

Specialization in Machine Learning

2014 - 2017

Data Scientist, Quantitative Researcher

As a Data Scientist and Quantitative Researcher, my interest lies primarily in the financial industry. My primary focus revolves around conducting statistical analysis, time series forecasting, portfolio optimization, and anomaly detection. I am passionate about leveraging alternative data sources in my research and detecting patterns within datasets, particularly those stemming from diverse distributions. By delving deep into the intricacies of datasets, I can extract meaningful and actionable findings that drive impactful decisions and create lasting value for businesses and stakeholders.

2017 - 2024

Senior Data Scientist, ML Engineer

As an experienced Data Scientist and Machine Learning engineer, I have had the privilege of working with industry leaders from Gaming, Technology, and Education sectors to deploy large-scale ML solutions. My work has been focused on using data-driven insights to drive revenue growth and increase sales for multi-million customer bases. With my expertise in subject, I have helped large companies to uncover hidden patterns of Big data to scale businesses and drive revenue growth.

My Blog

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