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10 Everyday Items That Could Soon Be Gone Forever - The Products Facing Future Extinction and Why

16 February, 2024

Technology has charged ahead like an unstoppable force, shaking up numerous industries and turning our daily routines upside down. As each new innovation emerges, certain longtime staples fade further into obsolescence. Think about it – when the iPhone burst onto the scene, it didn't just revolutionize the way we make calls; it sparked a wave of transformations that touched every aspect of our lives.

In this article I explore 10 such classic items that few would have guessed stood on the brink of extinction. The fate of favorites is closer than you think - let's discover which could be next.

Checks for Payments 💳

No way, really?! While older generations still dutifully write checks for bills, the youth of today have entirely different payment habits. With contactless payments via debit cards, digital wallets, and apps like Venmo or Zelle, who has time for paper checks anymore? I'd wager in 10 years, checks will exist only in history books!

Physical Wallets/Purses 👛

Speaking of payments, who carries a bulky leather wallet these days?! Thanks to mobile payment solutions, my driver's license and a couple of credit cards live safely in my smartphone. No more worrying about losing my wallet - my identity is secured with a passcode. Mark my words, handbags and billfolds will become obsolete as our digital counterparts take over.

Keys 🔑

Jingling key rings may soon join the checkbook in antiquity. Smart locks and keyless entry via key fobs or smartphones mean physical keys are relics. Heck, someday we may not even own cars - robotaxis will chauffeur us everywhere! Between smart homes and autonomous vehicles, keys are poised for lockdown.

Products that will extinct in future

Remote Controls 📱

Remember when we had a remote for the TV, another for the cable box, and a third for the stereo? Ugh, so 2012! Now a simple voice command or tap on my phone seamlessly controls entertainment. As interfaces become more intuitive via AI assistants and touchscreens, remotes will fade into the background.

Televisions 📺

It's no secret TVs are yesterday's technology for many - especially Gen Z. With ubiquitous streaming options, why own a bulky television? Younger audiences favor mobile and online viewing. Look for thinner, display-only TVs in the future as built-in processors become obsolete.

ATMs 💸

Remember the good old days of hitting the ATM for cash? Kids these days won't know the struggle. With an overwhelming majority of purchases now cashless, the need for standalone cash machines will diminish. Look for ATM functionality to merge with bank branches instead of remaining outside institutions.

Products that will extinct in future

Printed Books 📚

While I'll always cherish the smell and feel of paper books, eReaders offer marvelous advantages - including accessibility and convenience. As digital natives come of reading age, physical books could ultimately be superseded. Libraries of the future may reside in the cloud rather than on shelves.

Dedicated E-Readers 📖

Once Upon a Time, the Kindle ruled as the king of eReading devices. Then tablets emerged with the same functions plus movies, emails, and more. Why accept limitations when a multi-purpose tablet does it all? Strictly for reading devices like Kindles are becoming obsolete more each year.

Incandescent Light Bulbs 💡

Traditional incandescent light bulbs are being phased out in favor of more energy-efficient options such as LED and CFL bulbs. Governments and consumers alike are adopting eco-friendly alternatives, leading to a decline in the use of incandescent bulbs.

Products that will extinct in future

Dedicated Gaming Devices 🎮

As gaming graphics improve on phones and streaming services deliver robust console experiences to any screen, stand-alone Xbox and PlayStation machines seem niche. The future of gaming lies in ubiquity across screens - not single-use boxes under the TV. Console gaming could go the way of DVD players in the coming decade.


While some predictions fail to foresee the resilience of certain classics, the persistence of paper checks or physical books remains uncertain as younger demographics embrace modern options. However, it's also intriguing to ponder what new disruptions may arise that revitalize supposedly dead-end devices or birth innovative uses for outdated designs. After all, necessity is the mother of invention.

Could expanding VR or AR bring renewed purpose for dedicated e-readers or gaming devices? Might 3D printing or custom manufacturing spark a resurgence in passionate collectors seeking unique physical forms? Only time will tell what unexpected directions technology takes, and how resourceful humans adapt.

So stay tuned... the sequel to this story is only just beginning. 👀

Have you noticed any products poised to disappear as technology progresses? Some technologies persist despite predictions, while others fade sooner than expected. Either way, change remains the only constant! 🔄

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