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Meet Your Future Re-Wired Investor: Gen Z, Millennial Trends and Rise of Women Power in Wealth Management

11 February, 2024

Get ready to shake up your financial mindset because we're entering a new era of investing. We are talking personalized financial strategies, millennial trends shaping the scene, and the dynamic influence of women in wealth management. It's not your typical investment journey; it's a unique blend of strategies, trends, and the unstoppable rise of women in finance. In this article, I will reveal three portraits of future investors and explore emerging trends in the new generation.

The Re-Wired Investor

In the ever-evolving landscape of wealth management, a new breed of investors is steering the ship - the Re-Wired Investor. This distinctive group, encompassing not just the tech-savvy Gen X and Y2 but also baby boomers influenced by their younger counterparts, demands a personalized approach to financial advice.

Just Me, Just Now: The Age of Personalization

Gone are the days of generalized advice; the Re-Wired Investor craves tailored solutions. They want to be treated as unique individuals with specific goals and preferences, seeking advice that aligns precisely with their circumstances. It's not about one-size-fits-all; it's about "Just me, just now."

Skepticism in Authority: Wisdom of the Peers

Unlike previous generations, the Re-Wired Investor questions authority. They value the wisdom of their peers and consult multiple sources simultaneously. From friends and colleagues to financial experts and internet, they're on a quest for diverse opinions, shaping their decisions through collective knowledge.

Future Investor Rewind Millenial and Woman

Digital DNA: Advice Anytime, Anywhere

Shaped by interactions with non-financial digital giants like Google and Amazon, the Re-Wired Investor expects financial advice to be accessible anytime, anywhere. Their digital experience is cohesive and rich, spanning various channels and devices. The traditional office meeting is evolving into a 24/7, on-the-go financial consultancy.

The Risk Perception Revolution: Downside, Not Volatility

Risk, for the Re-Wired Investor, is not about market volatility but downside protection. Advisors are adapting to emphasize strategies that shield against downturns, departing from traditional diversification approaches. It's a shift in perspective that reflects the investor's desire for stability in an unpredictable financial world.

Control Freaks with Financial Savvy: DIY Research

Maintaining control over financial decisions is a hallmark of the Re-Wired Investor. They are comfortable conducting their research, showing reluctance towards discretionary services. Understanding the advice they receive and making independent choices define their financial journey.

Millennials Taking the Lead

Millennials and Alternatives: A Growing Affinity

While Generation X once dominated the realm of alternative investments, it's the millennials who are steering the ship towards the future. With one-third already incorporating alternatives in 2022, a staggering 60 percent recognize the untapped potential in these investments.

Inheritance and Advisory Loyalty: A Turning Tide

Statistics project a seismic shift as 80% of millennial heirs seek new advisors after inheriting wealth. The financial industry's golden opportunity lies in early engagement and relationship-building, capturing the loyalty of this influential demographic.

Future Investor Rewind Millenial and Woman

Remote Transactions and Personalization: Non-Negotiables

For millennials, personalized advice and seamless digital experiences are non-negotiable. Over 70% prefer remote transactions, making it imperative for financial institutions to adapt and cater to their preferences.

Woman Empowerment and The Future is Female

In the today's world of wealth management, it's high time to recognize the seismic shift that's been bubbling beneath the surface: the rise of the female force in finance. Prepare yourselves, as the forthcoming era of wealth is decidedly feminine.

Breaking the Mold: From Brokers to Boss Ladies

For centuries, the financial landscape resembled an old boys' club, with men calling the shots in wealth management. Attempts at inclusivity have been made, but let's be real – progress on the client-facing front has been sluggish. However, winds of change are blowing, and they carry a powerful message: women now make up over 40% of high-net-worth individuals globally. The forecast? A storm of female wealth poised to grow even stronger in the next decade.

Future Investor Rewind Millenial and Woman

The She-economy Surge: Stats That Speak Volumes

According to The Boston Consulting Group, women currently control a whopping 32% of the world's wealth. Hold onto your hats because UBS's crystal ball, known as Women's Wealth 2030, predicts a dazzling compound annual growth rate of 5.7%. By 2024, we're looking at a jaw-dropping $97 trillion under female financial prowess.

Now, here's the twist: despite this financial reign, only 49% of online women in the US are diving into the digital asset pool, lagging behind their male counterparts at 60%. It's not about capability, it's about a system that's not playing to the strengths of half the population.

Cracks in the Glass Ceiling: Opportunities Ahead

Female investors tend to have fewer and less diverse investments in their portfolios compared to the guys. Is it a lack of financial savvy? Absolutely not. It's a consequence of an industry that still clings to outdated practices, often ignoring the unique needs and perspectives of women.

Younger wealthy women are also sharpening their money skills. According to a McKinsey study, married women directing investment choices has jumped 30% in just five years. Additionally, changing family dynamics mean women are supporting their homes more than in the past. This has increased the amount of assets these trailblazing females can put to work. Research further shows ladies are ascending corporate hierarchies at an accelerated pace. Another survey found almost half of firms now have multiple women in top leadership, compared to less than a third in 2015. In boardrooms across America, the new class of ambitious, capable female executives is redefining what's possible.

Here's the kicker – the root of this disparity lies in the very design of financial products, services, and marketing. Historically, firms have targeted men, leaving a trove of untapped potential on the table. Wake up, financial world – the future of wealth is female, and you're missing out on a colossal opportunity by not catering to the unique preferences and habits of female investors.

Future Investor Rewind Millenial and Woman

Conclusion: Raising the Bar, Breaking the Mold

In this financial frontier, change is not just on the horizon; it's happening now. The wealth management industry faces a choice – stick to the familiar path or embrace a revolution. The evidence is clear: the future of wealth is undeniably female, and the time to seize this opportunity is now.

Yet, it's not just about breaking gender barriers; it's about riding the wave of Re-Wired Investors who demand personalization, digital fluency, and investments that align with values.

Millennial generation and now Gen Z are redefining the rules of engagement in wealth management. It's not just about returns anymore; it's about personalization, digital fluency, and aligning investments with values. As financial experts, embracing this paradigm shift is not an option; it's the key to unlocking the future of wealth management.

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