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Top 7 Lifestyle and Hobbies Trends to Watch in 2023 and 2024

1 November, 2023

If you're looking to get in on the latest and greatest trends, these are some of the most popular emerging hobby and lifestyle products that are projected to rise in the coming years.

1. Pickleball Equipment

Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in America, with searches up 400% since 2019. Originally popular among retirees for its social aspect and lower skill floor than tennis, it has exploded across all ages. Games are faster-paced yet less space is needed compared to tennis courts, fueling its rise. Facilities and private investors are struggling to keep up with demand. Equipment manufacturers like Pickleball YC and Franklin have capitalized on the craze, debuting new paddles, balls, and gear targeted towards both beginners and advanced players.

Lifestyle and Hobby Trends 2023 and 2024

2. Reusable Water Bottles

With over 607,000 monthly searches globally, reusable bottles satisfy a growing environmental consciousness around plastic waste. Unique variants like insulated smart bottles from Hydro Flask and collapsible cups from Klean Kanteen continue the growth. Brands like S'well educate over 600k Instagram followers on sustainability, driving traffic. Highlighting each bottle's impact could spur sales for retailers.

Lifestyle and Hobby Trends 2023 and 2024

3. Custom Keyboard Kits

Custom mechanical keyboards attract 52,000 monthly searches as a fun and creative hobby. Novelty keycap sets from vendors like Signature Plastics and hand-wire kits from 40% let users fully customize their board. Popular YouTube channels like Taeha Types fuel interest by reviewing new kits. Sellers standing out with unique or programmable parts can gain a following in this niche community.

Lifestyle and Hobby Trends 2023 and 2024

4. English Calligraphy

Searches for this elegant art grew 24% as its relaxing, mindful nature appeals and its products provide an affordable luxury. Hungry Artists and Papier Plume cater elevated brush pen and paper bundles for aspiring calligraphers. As Instagram fuels trends, hashtaging thoughtful letters and stationary may inspire more to pick up the hobby.

Lifestyle and Hobby Trends 2023 and 2024

5. Water Shoes

With 144,000 monthly searches worldwide, water shoes fulfill the need for light foot protection during water sports like kayaking and snorkeling that involve movement between land and sea. Keen and Seekway dominate the market with durable, quick-drying models. Marketing their benefits over bare feet when rocky shorelines are involved can attract the sizeable and active aquatic audience.

Lifestyle and Hobby Trends 2023 and 2024

6. Somatic Therapy Services

This body-focused therapy treating connections between the mind and physical sensations sees searches up 57% amid a growing emphasis on holistic wellness. Its whole-person approach alleviates health issues from chronic pain to stress. Massage chair giant Inada is diversifying into at-home somatic tools as mind-body studios like The Fitness Floor expand their therapy offerings for clients. Training programs will fuel industry growth.

Lifestyle and Hobby Trends 2023 and 2024

7. Bonsai Trees

An iconic indoor plant with 42,000 searches per month globally. YouTube stars like Bonsai Mirai cultivate enthusiasm for meticulously trimming and training miniature trees. Etsy sellers supply exotic specimens, and nurseries from BonsaiOutlet to MapleView Growers nurture enthusiasts. Their calming presence is in high demand.

Lifestyle and Hobby Trends 2023 and 2024


Why are trends so compelling? Humans inherently seek community and novelty. Trends fulfill this by offering new shared experiences. They also create FOMO, driving us to participate. For businesses, recognizing and supplying trending needs satisfies curiosity and capitalizes on change - a proven path to profits. Keep watch for the next big things emerging in 2023!

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