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Top 7 Kitchen Trends in 2023 and 2024

11 November, 2023

The kitchen appliances market has seen tremendous growth over the past few years and is expected to be worth $41.91 billion by 2026 according to recent reports. As more people opted to cook at home during the pandemic, consumer habits have shifted towards continued home cooking even as restrictions have eased. Approximately 7 in 10 consumers now say they intend to continue cooking more meals at home going forward.

Along with longtime favorites like air fryers and microwaves, newer portable appliances are gaining widespread popularity. Products that allow for convenience and flexibility outside of the traditional kitchen are especially appealing to today's on-the-go lifestyles. Portable blenders have emerged as one of the most trending items in this category.

Portable Blenders

Selling anywhere from $15-70 on average, portable blenders provide an affordable way to make drinks and smoothies wherever you are. Their compact size and resealable lids make them ideal for travel. Global search interest for "portable blender" reached a peak of over 48,000 monthly searches on Google in 2022 alone.

Kitchen Trending Products 2024

Suppliers like Amazon and Alibaba offer a variety of portable blender options to choose from. With search volumes continuing to rise, portable blenders show no signs of slowing down and will remain a kitchen staple for years to come. Their versatility and convenience have made them one of the most popular new appliance categories. As home cooking habits stick, look for even more portable kitchen innovations on the horizon.

Pizza Oven

Home pizza nights have grown increasingly popular over the past few years as more people seek restaurant-quality meals at home. One appliance helping deliver authentic pizza experiences without the need for a full-sized oven is the Gozney Pizza Oven.

Made of durable ceramic, the Gozney oven is compact yet powerful. The even heat distribution allows users to achieve "Neapolitan-style" pizza results rivaling pizzeria quality. And with its portable design, the Gozney oven can be used both indoors and out. This flexibility has resonated strongly with home cooks.

Kitchen Trending Products 2024

Interest in the Gozney Pizza Oven skyrocketed over the past year. According to recent search data, volume grew a substantial 60% compared to the previous year. As of last month, searches now average an impressive 10,000 per month globally.

This rapid growth reflects consumers’ strong demand for convenient appliances enabling restaurant dining experiences at home. For those seeking the ultimate pizza night, the Gozney oven delivers on convenience and quality alike. With its ability to produce pies rivaling pizzerias, yet in the comfort of one’s backyard or kitchen, the Gozney oven shows no signs of slowing popularity. As home cooking remains popular, innovative appliances like the Gozney will continue driving the pizza market forward.

Home Freeze Drying

Once primarily used by food manufacturers and preparedness enthusiasts, freeze dryers are gaining popularity among everyday consumers. These high-performance appliances preserve foods for decades by removing moisture via sublimation, leaving nutrients largely intact.

Kitchen Trending Products 2024

At $2,000-$3,500 each, freeze dryers represent a major investment. But factoring in the cost savings of long-lasting home-preserved foods makes the price more palatable. With supply chain issues fueling preparedness, and health-conscious buyers seeking low-sugar options, freeze drying appeals to various demographics.

Removing water concentrates flavors, making fruits extra sweet without adding sugar. Companies now market freeze-dried cereals and snacks as "no sugar added." Pet owners also dry homemade dog food to boost nutrients and shelf life. Cannabis companies use the process to preserve potency in dried products.

Leading brand Harvest Right sells direct and through retailers, driving visibility. But with Chinese suppliers offering units for as little as $500 wholesale, the market remains ripe for new entrants. As awareness grows of freeze drying's benefits, residential usage looks poised for further gains in the coming years.

Air Fryer

Once viewed as a pandemic novelty, air fryers have cemented themselves as a kitchen essential. According to a recent John Lewis report, Britain has developed a "burgeoning obsession" with the appliances, with sales experiencing three straight years of growth.

A key driver of air fryer adoption is the popularity of mini models. Using hot air instead of oil, mini air fryers offer a healthier alternative to deep frying. With only a fraction of the fat and calories of deep fried foods, they satisfy cravings without the guilt. Convenience is another major selling point. Compact mini fryers take up little counter space yet can cook full meals. Their ease of use has resonated strongly, particularly for small households or individuals.

Kitchen Trending Products 2024

Search data reflects mini air fryers rising profile. Over the past year, global interest grew a sizable 18% compared to the previous period. Monthly searches now average an impressive 20,000 worldwide, as of last month.

As health trends accelerate and portable appliances remain in demand, mini air fryers show no signs of slowing down. Their ability to satisfy taste buds while maintaining wellness makes them ideal for any modern kitchen. With ongoing interest growth, air frying looks set to become the new normal for quick and easy cooking.

Stove Top Cover

As urban living spaces shrink, consumers are seeking innovative ways to maximize efficiency in small kitchens. One solution gaining popularity is the stove top cover. By covering an unused stovetop, these boards instantly add hundreds of additional square inches of food prep space.

Kitchen Trending Products 2024

While Amazon dominates most kitchen categories, Etsy currently leads in stove top cover sales. Artisanal makers specializing in custom sizes have an edge over mass retailers. However, as demand grows, large-scale production is becoming more viable. Stove top covers are primed to enter the mainstream.

The pandemic accelerated long-term trends towards small, multi-generational urban living. With more people at home indefinitely, every square foot is valuable real estate. Stove top covers satisfy this need for optimized space.

Historical data shows periodic interest in "stove boards," peaking in the late 19th/early 20th century as urbanization began. Suburbanization later eased spatial pressures. Now, with over 80% of Americans in cities again, small-space solutions are as relevant as ever.

By simply covering unused stovetops, these versatile boards unlock hidden countertop areas. Their low-cost, high-impact solution satisfies the demands of modern compact living. As urban crowding becomes the new normal, stove top covers will remain a mainstay.

Wine Fridge

Wine storage and enjoyment are being transformed by the growing popularity of the kitchen wine fridge. Priced between $150-1000 on average, these temperature-controlled appliances keep wine at its optimal serving temperature without taking up valuable real estate in the main fridge.

Top markets driving interest include the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia according to Google Trends data. Searches for "wine fridge" have reached unprecedented levels since 2020, peaking last December and maintaining high volumes ever since.

Kitchen Trending Products 2024

Suppliers like AC Wholesalers, Wholesale Electrics Jersey, and Wholesale Catering Supplies provide a variety of options to suit any budget or space. Their specialized design keeps wines fresher for longer, safe from contaminants or temperature fluctuations that can degrade taste.

As more people develop sophisticated home bars and focus on self-care, the wine fridge has become a must-have kitchen appliance. Its ability to properly store collections will ensure this trend's continued growth in the years to come.

Sheet Pans

In today's image-centric world, cookware brands have recognized that presentation is just as important as taste. Enter the sheet pan - the unsung hero of Instagram-optimized home cooking.

By preparing entire meals in a single vessel, sheet pans maximize the amount of food visible in photos according to Instagram's signature square format. Their rectangular shape allows for neat ingredient arrangement, creating visually pleasing dishes. It's no wonder sheet pans have become the tool of choice for influencers and amateur chefs to showcase culinary creations online.

Kitchen Trending Products 2024

Beyond photography perks, sheet pans streamline the cooking process. Only one pan means easy cleanup too. It's little surprise they've risen as the simplest way to prepare crowd-pleasing roasted vegetables and proteins.


Kitchen design and home cooking saw significant changes over the past few years as people spent more time at home during the pandemic. Many of the trends that emerged during this time, such as multi-functional appliances, open floor plans, and focus on wellness, will continue influencing kitchen design in 2023 and 2024. Home chefs are looking for ways to simplify meal preparation while also using high-quality, healthy ingredients. Sleek, minimalist aesthetics paired with smart technology will allow homeowners to create kitchen spaces that are both beautiful and functional for many years to come. As people continue investing meaningful time in their homes, kitchens will remain a focal point for wellness, connectivity, and enjoyment for the whole family.

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