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Winter 2023-2024 Consumer Product Trends - What do people buy the most?

16 November, 2023

As temperatures drop and the holiday season approaches, consumers are ramping up searches for certain products to prepare for colder weather and celebrations. Here are the top trends based on search data and what people are buying.

Winter Clothing and Outerwear

With winter weather arriving in many northern regions, searches for winter coats, boots, hats and other cold weather gear have notably increased. Popular options people are purchasing include:

  • Winter Coats: Searches for winter coats, parkas, and puffer jackets from brands like Canada Goose, The North Face, and Columbia are up significantly compared to last month. Best-selling styles include long down coats and insulated ski jackets.

  • Boots: Along with coats, winter boot searches have sharply risen as well. Both fashionable boots and practical snow/winter boots from brands like Ugg, Sorel, and Hunter see high interest. Knee-high and Chelsea boots are top sellers.

Holiday Decorations

As people start preparing their homes for the holidays, searches for Christmas trees, lights, and other decorations have risen noticeably compared to last month. Popular items people are buying include:

  • Christmas Trees: Both artificial and live Christmas trees remain top sellers on sites like Amazon as shoppers stock up early. Pre-lit trees are especially in demand.

  • Lights: Strings of multi-colored Christmas lights continue flying off the shelves. LED options that are energy-efficient but still bright are a big hit.

Toys and Games

Searches for toys spike from October through December as holiday shopping ramps up. Perennial favorites like gaming consoles see heightened interest. Popular items people are purchasing include:

  • Gaming Consoles: The PlayStation 5 remain top sellers, consistently topping holiday wishlists.

  • Fidget Toys: The TeeTurtle sensory stuffed animals from Amazon provide entertainment for both kids and adults due to their different textures and reversible design.

  • Pokemon Cards: These assorted card collections stay hugely popular collectibles thanks to their surprise element - the random cards received in each pack.

Cookware and Kitchen Appliances

As friends and families gather for meals, searches increase for new cooking essentials. Popular products helping home chefs include:

  • Meat Thermometers: Options like those from Amazon help ensure meats like turkey are safely cooked to the proper temperature.

  • Slow Cookers: Programmable models like the 7-quart Crock-Pot are in high demand for their convenience, allowing meals to cook all day.

Heating Products

With cooler indoor and outdoor temperatures arriving, searches for home heating solutions have noticeably increased. Consumers are purchasing portable options that provide flexible warmth wherever needed:

  • Portable Heaters: Compact electric models from top brands like Dyson, Lasko, and Honeywell are flying off shelves. The Dyson HP01 Purifier Heater captures particles and projects heated airflow for whole-room comfort.

  • Space Heaters: Oil-filled and ceramic space heaters from De'Longhi and Optimus keep living areas cozy without taking up much space. Programmable thermostats help regulate temperature.

  • Smart Thermostats: WiFi-enabled thermostats from Nest, ecobee, and Emerson simplify climate control from anywhere via the home's WiFi network. Users can adjust settings remotely through a mobile app.


As 2024 approaches and winter weather sets in, consumers have been actively gearing up through purchases across a variety of categories. From cold weather clothing essentials to toys and games, heating solutions, snow sports gear, and smart home devices, the trends highlighted in this article show how people are preparing for comfortable indoor and outdoor activities.

Portable heaters, programmable thermostats, and energy-efficient lighting are helping homeowners stay warm. Meanwhile, gamers have been snapping up the latest consoles to enjoy seasonal releases. In the kitchen, slow cookers and meat thermometers are simplifying holiday meal prep.

The demand for these products will likely remain strong throughout the colder months as friends and families gather indoors to celebrate. Whether braving the elements for winter sports or staying cozy at home, consumers are clearly stocking up on essentials that will help them comfortably enjoy all that the season has to offer both indoors and out. Spending on these key categories should continue to rise in the lead up to Christmas and New Year festivities.

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